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uddeholm stavax material

Our steels have been widely applied to many industries and fields, such as the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, pressure vessels and boilers, oil and gas, bridge construction, offshore platforms, stamping cold forming,etc.



UDDEHOLM STAVAX ESR UDDEHOLM STAVAX ESR Uddeholm Stavax ESR is a premium stainless mould steel for small and medium inserts and cores. Uddeholm Stavax ESR combines corrosion and wear resistance with excellent polishability, good machinability and stability in hardening. Mould maintenance requirement is reduced by assuring that core and cavity

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Uddeholm is the world’s leading manufacturer of tool steel for industrial tools. And that is no accident. We put our hearts into every piece of steel and every step of the process, from raw material to …Contact · About Uddeholm · Hand Knives · Career Opportunities · Uddeholm Impax Supreme[PDF]

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STAVAX ESR 2 This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses.[PDF]


UDDEHOLM STAVAX ESR STAVAX ESR. 2 STAVAX ESR Edition 140205 REFERENCE STANDARD AISI WNr. JIS ASSAB DF-2 ARNE O1 (1.2510) (SKS 3) ... Stavax ESR is a desirable choice for the medical industry, which operates in “clean room” environments, and cannot accept any rust on …[PDF]

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Stavax Supreme shows the best corrosion resistance when tempered at a low temperature and polished ... than the W.-Nr. 1.2083/AISI 420 type of material so the high hardness will be retained even in the center of large dimensions. The very good harden- ... Uddeholm publication “Grinding of tool steel” ...

Bohler-Uddeholm UDDEHOLM STAVAX® ESR Modified 420

Uddeholm Stavax ESR is recommended for moulds with long production runs, e.g. disposable cutlery and containers. High surface finish, i.e. for the production of optical parts, such as camera and sun­ glasses lenses, and for medical containers, e.g. syringes, analysis phials.

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Uddeholms AB is a multinational producer of high alloyed tool steel with production in Hagfors, Sweden. Since 1991, the company is part of the Austrian Böhler-Uddeholm group which in turn is part of the voestalpine AG group since 2007.Headquarters: Hagfors, Sweden

Stavax ESR Steel-AISI420,DIN1.2083 stockist & Supplier ...

Stavax ESR Steel is a high-quality Electroslag Remelted (ESR) stainless steel. Stavax ESR Steel is designed for plastic molds requiring good corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance and a high degree of polishibility. High internal cleanliness and homogeneity are provided by the ESR process.User rating: 4/5[PDF]


For further information see our “Material Safety Data Sheets”. Edition 4, 04.2007 ... which is always published on our web site uddeholm. UDDEHOLM STAVAX SUPREME 3 Properties Physical data Hardened and tempered to 50 HRC. Data at room and elevated temperatures.[PDF]

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Stavax ESR core to make disposable polystyrene beakers. Millions of close tolerance mouldings with a very high surface finish have been produced. Stavax ESR is the right choice for lens mould with extreme demand on polishability.[PDF]

RAMAX S Prehardened stainless holder steel - …

RAMAX® S Prehardened stainless holder steel. RAMAX S 2 ... in combination with STAVAX ESR or ELMAX as insert material gives a completely corrosion resistant mould ... and application of Uddeholm tool steels, including the publication “Steels for Moulds”. Holder block in RAMAX S.[PDF]

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filler material type of matching composition. Cleaning of tool The surfaces in the vicinity of the intended ... mould steels Uddeholm Stavax ESR and Uddeholm Impax Supreme. This gives a perfect result after polish-ing or photo-etching of the welded tool. Soft annealed/ hardened/tempered Tempered.

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Bohler-Uddeholm UDDEHOLM STAVAX® SUPREME Modified 420 (discontinued **) Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Stainless Steel. Material Notes: Cr-Ni-Mo-V alloyed. Stavax® Supreme is an ESR re-melted tool steel, this provides a very pure material, with a minimum of inclusions.[PDF]


material used for production of plastic parts. We also focus on important factors that contribute to an economical production. Steel affects us in millions of ways Pulse monitor. Uddeholm Stavax ESR and Uddeholm UHB 11 are suitable mould steel for this kind of production.[PDF]


For further information see our “Material Safety Data Sheets”. Edition 4, 01.2007. 3 UDDEHOLM STAVAX ESR Applications Whilst Uddeholm Stavax ESR is recommended for all types of moulding tools, its special properties make it particularly suitable for moulds with the following demands:[PDF]

ASSAB Tool Steel Performance Comparison Chart

ASSAB Tool Steel Performance Comparison Chart ( ) - modified grade ... STAVAX ESR STAVAX ESR (420) (1.2083) (SUS 420J2) ... Blanking, fine blanking, forming of thicker work material, esp. austenitic stainless steel. mild carbon steel, AHSS, copper and aluminium. VANADIS 8[PDF]

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Stavax ESR is resistant to corrosive attack by water, water vapour, weak organic acids, dilute solutions of nitrates, carbonates and other salts. A tool made from Stavax ESR will have good resistance to rusting and staining due to humid working and storage conditions and when moulding corrosive plastics under normal production conditions.[PDF]


The material choice was Uddeholm Stavax ESR. Judging surface finish Two things are important when judging the surface of the mould. The surface ... cept for Uddeholm Stavax ESR, Uddeholm Mirrax ESR and Uddeholm Polmax). This is to remove the “de-formed” surface layer caused by[PDF]


material does not make post treatment critical when laser welding. However it could be preferable in some cases for hardness adjust-ment. Laser welding of Uddeholm Nimax and Uddeholm Stavax ESR Cleaning It is essential to keep the rod and the weld area clean prior to welding. Because of the fast solidification of the melted spot any contamina-

stavax esr material -› Tìm kiếmUddeholm | Number 1 in high performance Tool Steel. We put our hearts into every piece of steel and every step of the process, from raw material to finished product. Technology is important, just as know- ... assab. 3 STAVAX ESR STAVAX ESR The plastic product is only as good as the surface finish of the mould steel in which the product is ...[PDF]

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PRINTED MATERIAL ..... 70. 1 ddeholm Tooling Pocket Book presents, in a concise form, the Uddeholm range of high quality tool ... STAVAX ESR Black/Orange 0.38 0.9 0.5 13.6 0.3 1) Powder Metallurgy tool steel. 2) ... Uddeholm Ramax LH, Uddeholm Ramax HH and Uddeholm Fermo use …[PDF]

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For further information see our “Material Safety Data Sheets”. Edition 2, 10.2008 ... Uddeholm Ramax LH is a part of the Uddeholm Stainless Concept. 3 UDDEHOLM RAMAX LH Tensile strength ... Welding STAVAX Austenitic Austenitic consumables TIG-WELD …[PDF]

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STAVAX Supreme má vyšší prokalitelnost než materiál 1.2083, vysoká tvrdost zůstane v celém průřezu. ... Pobočky Böhler Uddeholm Vás rády budou informovat o výběru, použití, tepelném zpracování a možnostech dodávek uddeholmské ohybné oceli.